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Hammam & massages

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Our hammam, an oasis of peace

Those who want to be pampered extensively can come for a moment of peace in our hammam. You can enjoy the following in our bathhouse:

We also offer various massages. We list the most popular ones and explain them below. We would like to emphasise in advance that we do not provide sensual massages.

Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage is not only relaxing, but also healthy for your body. While massaging, we eliminate blockages (knots), so that you are completely relaxed afterwards.

* You may become a little sluggish or sleepy from the massage. We therefore advise against getting in the car immediately after the massage if you are not staying in Aparthotel Delden or living nearby.

Other effects are:

Since contracted muscles relax again, a cramped posture makes way for a better posture.

Thanks to a massage, your blood circulation will improve considerably. This allows more oxygenated blood to flow to your organs and the removal of waste products is facilitated. Digestive complaints and other physical problems will decrease as a result.

During a massage, endorphins are released that create a happy and relaxed feeling. This way, anxiety and restlessness decrease and you become completely calm again.

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Sports massage

During a sports massage, we activate your body so that it is completely ready to start exercising. For people who sit in the same position throughout the working day, we recommend loosening the muscles before any physical effort is made. This prevents stiffness and injuries.

During a massage at Aquila Medical & Cosmetic Institute, you can ask us to focus on certain muscle groups that you know put the most strain on you. Both recreational and professional athletes can book a sports massage on a regular basis or just before a (heavy) training session, match or game.

Did you unexpectedly suffer an injury? Then we recommend an alternative treatment.

Interested in a massage?

Then book your appointment today!

Preventive injury massage

A massage that focuses on injuries allows your muscles to relax and ensures toxins are removed faster. Have you already suffered an injury?

Then our preventive injury massage in combination with wet or dry cupping is the ideal formula to relieve pain and help your body recover. This therapy is recommended for:

Many of our customers feel better immediately after an initial treatment and can stop taking painkillers without a worry. However, we are not doctors and recommend that you first seek advice from your doctor or general practitioner if you have serious symptoms.

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Maternity massage

Are you happily pregnant and feel your body deserves some extra attention? Then book a pregnancy massage. It is beneficial for both mother and child. We do not massage your stomach, but by letting your other body parts relax, endorphins are released. This immediately makes you feel a lot happier.

Stress can affect your unborn baby, so by pampering yourself, you are offering your baby a safe place to develop. Furthermore, a pregnancy massage promotes:

A pregnancy often takes its toll in the form of an overloaded pelvis or swollen legs and ankles. This is what we mainly focus on during the treatment. For a complete overview of the massages we offer, please see our price list.

Hammam & massages price list

  • Hammam classic €69.95

    rasul treatment (steam bath, 20 min.), whole body scrub, soap bath

  • Hammam total €89.95

    rasul treatment (steam bath, 20 min.), whole body scrub, soap massage, clay mask

  • Hammam deluxe €109.95

    rasul treatment (steam bath, 20 min.), whole body scrub, soap bath, oil massage (25 min.), clay mask

Can booked as extras

  • Honey massage (25 min.) €39.95
  • Aroma massage (25 min.) €29.95
  • Foot massage (15 min.) €19.95
  • Head massage (15 min.) €19.95
  • Clay body wrap (entire body) €15.00


  • 30 min. €45.00
  • 60 min. €75.00
  • 90 min. €115.00
  • choice of: classic, sports massage, restorative massage, pregnancy massage, activating massage, hot stone massage, relaxation massage, preventive injury massage

  • Pedicure €45.00

    remove corns, calluses & hard skin, take care of cuticles, cut & polish nails

  • Garden with sauna & jacuzzi (to be booked as an extra) €15.00 p.p. per hour

    swimwear required

Do you have any questions about a specific massage? Feel free to send us a message!